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Asset Tracking and Consolidation

Our role is to add value by ensuring proper tracking and consolidation of your assets to ensure preservation of your wealth and increasing return on your investment. Read more.

Retirement Planning

At Meristem Wealth, we understand that retirement planning is not just about having savings in the bank or investments in shares, real estate and other assets; it is about making the right choices that ensure we have enough money to fund  our desired  lifestyle. Read more.

Wealth Preservation

Wealth preservation is a very key concept to High Net worth Individuals. This is the concept of protecting and preserving your asset from frivolous, illogical, ill-motivated, more often than not, devastating catastrophic claims on your wealth in a way that will affect your current and future lifestyle. Read more.

Goal-Based Investment Management

This involves investment of the clients’ resources in different asset classes such as capital and money market instruments, real estate and other investment instruments for the purpose of achieving their investment goals. Learn more.

Estate Planning

Our responsibility is to handle this wealth transfer process on your behalf, relieving you of the burden and stress associated with it especially through a Trust Structure and other suitable vehicles. Learn more.


“To be a friendly company with up to date market information to grow wealth in good time, in an atmosphere of transparency”

Our Products

  • Target Date Portfolios

    The Target Date Portfolios are created to focus on groups of investors with similar time horizon to achieve set goals, taking into consideration current financial status, return requirement, risk tolerance and so on. More info

  • Real Estate Advantage Portfolio

    REAP offers investors the opportunity to co-own real estate investment to generate income via short let rental and full term tenancy arrangements.More info

  • Structured Meri-Dollar Investment Portfolio (M-Dip)

    “M-DIP” is a unique portfolio which offers exposure to US Dollar denominated investments. The product offers investment diversification benefits and investors are guaranteed principal and competitive return on investment.More info

  • Real Estate Services

    At Meristem Wealth Management Limited, we have over the years, developed competence in handling real estate transactions and have been able to identify opportunities that yield superior returns in the Real Estate market.


    Fixed Term Investment Portfolio is a short – term placement of funds with a guarantee on capital plus a pre-agreed rate of return tied to the prevailing money-market rates.


    Meristem Treasury Linked Investment Portfolio: At Meristem, we afford investors the opportunity to partake in the Federal Government treasury bills investments. Click here to subscribe.

  • MBIS

    Meristem Bond Investment Service is a long term debt instrument issued by an entity (company or government) that has an evidence of a “promise to pay” and the duration is usually more than one year.

  • Meristem Monthly Investment Scheme (MERI-ASPIRE)

    The Fund invests in low risk short-term securities such as Government securities, Bank placements and others including Commercial Papers and promissory notes.

  • More Products

    Visit the Meristem Wealth website for more products.

  • Meristem Equity Market Fund

    The Fund invests in a basket of high quality equity securities, with a focus on Nigerian companies.

  • Meristem Money Market Fund

    The Fund invests in low risk short-term securities such as Government securities, Bank placements etc.

  • Estate Planning

    We manage the register of subscribers in SEC approved Capital raise projects through a robust technology-driven system backed with exceptional relationship management

  • Tax Planning

    This is a formal legal process of transferrring the assets of the deceased to the beneficiaries.

  • Succession Planning

    Enables subscribers easily track certificates, bonuses and outstanding dividends from any intenet enabled device.

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Our Board of Directors bring their seasoned experiences into the affairs of reputable service that we offer. Their insight is always precise and valued, perfecting a symbiosis of reliable leadership with actionable support.

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