Foreign Currency Denominated Investment Application Form

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KYC Documents


I guarantee that all information herein is complete and correct.

All transactions, benefits and payments are made in foreign currency of investment.

I accept full responsibility for informing MWML of any changes in current identification information provided (e.g. address change, surname change, contact details, etc.). If any details change, I will provide MWML with new certified proof of identity and a utility bill, not older than 3 months.

In terms of the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act (2011), I confirm that the funds with which any payment is or will be made to MWML, in terms of this investment, are derived from a lawful source. In addition, I am willing to answer any questions with regard to the origin of such funds and to provide additional information as and when it may be required by MWML or any of its Regulatory Agencies.

Agree that the project and investment therein shall be for a lock in period of 12 months minimum unless I choose to continue with any other available real estate project being undertaken

I understand that information in this application may be recorded electronically with MWML in addition to physical records. Such records will form the record of this investment for all purposes and may be used as evidence at any proceedings.


I hereby authorize MWML to:

act in accordance with my instructions or that of any person authorized by us in respect of this investment (including those transmitted and received by telephone, fax, electronic mail or the internet), and to do all things necessary to give effect thereto;

deduct as applicable, specified amounts/percentage from my investment portfolio for the purposes of transaction charges or its fees;

provide my/our details and details in respect of this investment to companies with whom it has business arrangements or MWML’s regulators.

I warrant that all statements given in this application form are true and accurate in every respect, I understand that the completeness and correctness thereof is my responsibility and agree that such statements shall form the basis of contracts which are to be entered into with the parties providing the relevant investment media. I declare that am aware of and accept the risks inherent in the investments, knowing that the realization of those risks may cause me to suffer financial loss.

I warrant that I am authorized and legally competent to enter into and conclude this transaction.


M-DIP Form