Structured Meri-Dollar Investment Portfolio (M-DIP)

“M-DIP” is a unique portfolio which offers exposure to US Dollar ($) denominated investments. The product offers investment diversification benefits and investors are guaranteed principal and competitive return on investment. The investors have zero exposure to exchange rate volatility with potential to earn both exchange gain and investment income.

Target Market

  • Investors with foreign currency earnings
  • Investors with long-dated liabilities denominated in US Dollars ($)

  • Investors with a preference for USD ($) denominated assets to hedge against the Naira

Features & Benefits

  • Capital preservation and growth
  • Investment income and exchange rate gain potential
  • Investment income in USD is distributed semiannually
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Minimum investment requirement of $2, 000 and multiples of $500 afterwards. Fund transfer only, cash payments are not acceptable.
  • Minimum lock-in period of six (6) months
  • Early investment termination attracts a penalty charge of 25% off investment returns
  • M-DIP is open-ended, as such, subscription and redemption can take place at any time under specified exit conditions.

Investment Risks

  • The risk of Naira strengthening against USD.
  • Investors unable to hold the investment for the minimum lock in period wherein penalty will apply.

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