Meristem Fixed-Income Fund

Mutual Funds

The Meristem Fixed Income Fund is Authorized and Registered in Nigeria as an Open-Ended Mutual Fund and proceeds of the issue shall be invested in naira denominated Fixed Income Securities issued by the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN), Nigerian Top Tier Banks, and other qualifying Corporates whose securities are registered with the Commission as may be decided by the investment committee. The offer size is NGN5,000,000,000 (offer for subscription of 50,000,000 units of NGN100 each at par).

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PRICE: ₦100.44(per unit)

• Account Name: EA Trustees Meristem FI Fund
• Account Number: 1000158718
• Bank name: Rand Merchant Bank

The objective of the Fund is to provide unit holders with long-term capital growth and regular income by investing in a diversified portfolio of fixed income instruments.

Diversification: Fixed income mutual funds allow investors to spread their money across different types of securities, reducing the risk of having all their investments in one security.

Expert Management: Experienced fund managers are responsible for making investment decisions according to the fund’s established guidelines.

Liquidity and Convenience: These funds provide an easy way to buy and sell investments, with a standard settlement time of two business days (T+2).

Regular Income: Fixed income funds pay out returns at intervals during the year, and investors can choose to reinvest these payments.