Mutual Funds FAQs

What is The Meristem Equity Market Fund?

The Meristem Equity Market Fund is an open-ended mutual fund. The primary objective of The Fund is to achieve long-term capital appreciation of its assets, through investment in a portfolio of equity securities quoted on The Nigerian Stock Exchange and money market instruments.

How does The Fund work?
The Fund’s objective is to seek long term capital appreciation through investment in equity securities with a focus on a portfolio of stocks listed on the Floor of The Nigerian Stock Exchange. Some percentage of the Fund will however be kept in liquid investment to provide both for redemption and portfolio rebalance to capture market values. The Fund seeks to outperform (gross of fees) the NSE All Share Index. The objectives would be achieved by taking advantage of the economies of scale that come with the pooling together of funds to actively invest. These will enable it to operate in an extremely efficient manner, thereby minimizing transaction cost.
What is the minimum amount I can invest in the Meristem Equity Market Fund?
The minimum amount which you can invest in the Fund is N10,000.00.
What is the minimum subsequent amount I can invest in the Meristem Equity Market Fund?
The minimum subsequent amount that you can invest is N1,000.00.
What is The Meristem Money Market Fund?

The Meristem Money Market Fund (“the Fund”) is a collective investment scheme that seeks current income and stability of principal while maintaining liquidity. The fund will invest in a select portfolio of short-term money market securities and short dated government paper, including discounted instruments such as Treasury Bills, Commercial Papers, Banker’s Acceptances, Collateralized Repurchase Agreements, Certificates of Deposit, Deposits (Fixed/Tenured) with eligible financial institutions and other instruments introduced and approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) from time to time.

How does The Meristem Money Market Fund work?
The Fund is formed by pooling funds of several individual and corporate investors which gives the Fund greater “bargaining power” to obtain higher levels of interest rates when investing. The Fund aims to maximize interest income by investing all the Fund’s assets in selected short-term money market securities.
Is there a guaranteed Rate of Return on an investment in the Meristem Money Market Fund?
No. The return on the Fund is dependent on money market trends and interest rates obtainable in the Nigerian Financial Market. As the Fund Manager has no influence over changes in interest rate, it is therefore impossible to guarantee any particular rate of return on the investment.
What are the advantages of investing in the Meristem Money Market Fund?
Advantages include: Liquidity – Investors are able to easily redeem or subscribe to units of the fund at any time, subject to procedures stated in the trust deed. Diversification – By investing in varied assets, the fund provides investors with the benefit of instant diversification. Administration –The Fund Manager will be responsible for handling the cumbersome day-to-day administrative functions associated with investing. Low cost- Investing in the Fund is an efficient way of gaining a diversified market exposure at low costs. Performance Monitoring: The value of Fund is reported daily on the Manager’s website, allowing you to continually monitor the performance of your investment.