Target Date Portfolio

We all reach a point in our lives when we decide to buckle down, set a goal and achieve it. Then, we set up grand plans and ‘to-do lists’ that will propel us towards achieving these personal or professional goals. However, over time, we find that nothing seems to happen. We have great ideas and intentions, but somehow we never quite achieve the desired goal.

To achieve a target, you must first prioritize your goals and recognize which ones require immediate action (short term) and which will have profound effects on your life (long term). As you identify your goals and their benefits, you must keep them in plain view, set a date when you expect to achieve them and PURSUE!

Thus, the Meristem Target Date Plan is created to focus on investors with discipline to achieve a set goal, taking into consideration current financial status, return requirement, risk tolerance, liquidity and so on. Investment in the plan follows a disciplined approach and is locked in for each investor’s preferred duration, selected at the time of subscription.

Target Market

  • Investors who  have  a  specific,  target  date  to  complete/begin  a  project  such  as retirement,  property  purchase,  start-up  capital  for  business,  dream  vacation  (World Tour, Euro Tour, U.S Tour), Education, Wedding, car purchase, etc.
  • Investors willing to adhere to the disciplined strategies of the plan   (unfailing monthly/quarterly/annual funding without withdrawals throughout the investor’s preferred duration).
  • Investors with conservative risk profiles.


  • Disciplined saving towards a plan.
  • Flexible contribution driven by investors’ target amount. (i.e. monthly, quarterly or yearly contribution for  an  investor  with  target  amount  of  N10m   in  5   years   will  be N137,879.49, N416,714.80 or N1,721,647.18 respectively)
  • Flexible plan date i.e. the subscriber can choose his/her target date at the start of the plan.
  • Guarantees yearly time weighted rate of return of 10%.
  • It allows subscribers to select either monthly, quarterly or annual contribution option.


  • Professional management of the plan towards target objectives
  • Reduced risk through portfolio diversification, rather than over exposure to one asset class
  • Flexible contributory plan (monthly, quarterly, or annually)
  • Alignment of required contribution to the investor’s capacity and target
  • Return is guaranteed
  • Dynamic lock-in period as investors decide their target date.

Asset Allocation

Terms and Conditions

  • Each subscriber must stay in the plan for a minimum of three-quarter of his/her selected target date. i.e: Minimum lock-in for a 1-year plan is nine (9) months.
  • Termination of investment in the plan before minimum tenor stated above, will lead to a loss of all accrued income on the subscriber’s contribution.


  • Fill the subscription form
  • Credit MWML dedicated bank account for subscription.
    • Bank: Stanbic-IBTC Bank Plc
    • Account Name: Meristem Wealth Management Limited
    • Account Number: 0015857887


Portfolio quarterly performance reports will be provided.