Meristem Real Estate Backed Ethical Portfolio (MRBEP)

Meristem Real Estate Backed Ethical Portfolio (MR-BEP) is an ethically inclined portfolio product which has investment in real estate project as the underlying asset. It is targeted at investors who not risk averse and require stable, consistent cash inflows. The portfolio offers risk diversification for wealth creation, especially to clients seeking ethical investment vehicles.

Target Investors

  • Ethically inclined Investors.
  • Institutional Investors with long-term liabilities.
  • Interest aversed Investors.
  • Investors in or approaching retirement age.
  • Individual Investors with the need for a stable source of cash flows.
  • Risk Seeking Investors

Portfolio Objectives

  • Creation of an alternative investment vehicle for investors.
  • Wealth creation and risk diversification.
  • Secured and steady income flow.
  • Ethically responsible investing.
  • Investor’s overall portfolio diversification.

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